Be sure to look closely at all the criteria, eligibility, and deadline for each scholarship. 


 Scholarship Scholarship Info
2023 Man and Husky Roofing Scholarship  Due 04-21-23 - $1,000 - Applicant must be a CHS Senior girl who is attending an accredited college full-time or an accredited technical or vocational school and demonstrates a strong involvement in various activities. She also must be in the top 50% of the senior class and must have played at least one year of basketball at Cascade/Mill Creek Optimist between 1st and 12th grade. 
2023 Indy Cancer Guild Judy Christofolis Cancer Scholarship Due 04-06-23 - $ ? - This scholarship was established in 2020 in memory Judy Christofolis, a strong and compassionate community leader, successful business owner, devoted volunteer, and founding member of the Indianapolis Cancer Guild, Inc. This scholarship is available to a college-bound high school senior who currently has or has experienced cancer personally or has a parent or sibling who currently has or has had cancer.  For More information, visit 
2023 Tri Kappa Scholarship - Business / Education / Nursing Due 04-14-23 :  $1,000 - Applicants must be accepted at a school of nursing, business school, college, or other education institution. Applicant must also be a graduating senior of Cascade High School and a resident of MCCSC. 
2023 Tri Kappa Scholarship Trade / Vocational / Military / First Responders Due 04-14-23 :  $500 - Applicants must be accepted at a technical school, junior college, or trade school (Culinary Arts, Precision Machining, Cosmetology, Military, First Responder). Applicant must be a graduating senior of
Cascade High School, and a resident of MCCSC.  
2023 Tri Kappa Scholarship - Fine Arts / Theater - In memory of past Tri Kappa Sisters Due 04-14-23 :  $1,000 - Applicants must be enrolled in a four year institution for Fine Arts/Theater. Applicant must be a graduating senior of Cascade High School, and a resident of MCCSC.  
2023 Tri Kappa Scholarship - Choice of Major - In memory of Janie Butler Due 04-14-23 :  $1,000 - applicants must be accepted at a junior college, college, or other education institution. Applicant must be a graduating senior of Cascade High School, and a resident of MCCSC. 
2023 Hendricks County MIBOR Realtor College Scholarship Due 04-17-23 : $ - To Be Determined - Application is for high school seniors in Hendricks County and West Indianapolis.  
2023 Delta Kappa Gamma, Beta Phi Chapter Scholarship Due 03-26-23 : $1,000, Applicant must be a female pursuing a career in education or related field such as counseling, or psychology. 
2023 Hampton Memorial Cascade 4-H Scholarship Due 03-15-23 - $500, Applicant must be a senior graduating from Cascade High School and have participated in 4-H for at least 4 years.  
2023 Hampton Memorial Livestock 4-H Scholarship Due 03-15-23 : $500, Applicant must be a 10 Year 4-H Member  
2023 Mill Creek West PTO Scholarship Due 04-07-23 : $500, Applicant must respond to two questions. 
2023 Indiana Oil and Gas Association Due 04-01-23 :   Applicant must be pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry and a bachelor's degree, with preference given for Earth Sciences, Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Geology majors. 
2023 CHS PTO Scholarship Due 04-14-23 : Applicant must be a graduating senior from CHS and has been accepted to a college, university, vocational, or technical school. 
2023 Mill Creek Optimist Club Basketball Scholarship Due 04-07-23 : One $375 scholarship awarded at the end of the recipient's college freshman year, with proof of good academic standing. 
You must have participated in varsity basketball and participated in the Optimist program a minimum of two years. 
2023 Mill Creek Optimist Club Scholarship Due 04-07-23 : Three $500 scholarships to three graduating seniors of CHS who will attend an accredited four-year college full time and demonstrated strong involvement in various activities. Students must be in the top 50% of the senior class. One scholarship will be given to a student between 1-10th% of class standing. One scholarship will be given to a student between 11-25th% of class standing. One scholarship will be give to 25-50th% of class standing. 
2023 Mill Creek Optimist Club - Vocational and Technical Due 04-07-23 : $500 : Applicant must choose a vocational or technical career path, plan to attend an accredited vocational or technical institution, demonstrate strong involvement in various activities, and graduate with a "C" average in vocational and technical career courses taken during high school. 
2023 Judy Seger Memorial Scholarship Due 03-23-23 - $ Amount to be determined by scholarship board of directors. This scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to a graduating high school senior who attended the Danville United Methodist Preschool in Danville, Indiana.
2023 Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Application
  • Due 04-28-23  - 3 Separate Scholarships. 
  • General Scholarship, $1,000 a year for 4 years.
  • Trade/Industrial/Vocational Memorial Scholarship, $2,500 one time.
  • Adult Scholarship, $2,500 one time.   
  • For more information visit Plainfield Chamber College Scholarships
2023 Hendricks County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Due 03-03-23 - $1,000 to two Hendricks County students majoring in education/teaching at an Indiana college or university.  
2023 Foundation for Rural Services Scholarship Due 02-08-23 - The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) offers an annual college scholarship program to help further higher education among rural youth. FRS awards a one-time $2,500 scholarship to students from rural America for their first year of college, university, or vocational-technical school.
2023 Cedric Ray Memorial Scholarship  Due 03-10-23 : $1,500. Applicant must live with their parent or guardian who is a member of Endeavor Communications and maintains their primary residence service in an exchange served by Endeavor Communications. All three portions of this scholarship are due on 03-10-23. You will need to start way before the deadline. 
2023 Bright Spot Award Scholarship Due 03-15-23 : $500+ awarded to a student(s) continuing their education or training to meet their future goals. 
2023 Hendricks County Extension Homemakers Association Due 02-10-23 - Two $1,000 scholarships to help further educational goals and to encourage their continued development in the areas of Health and Human Sciences, Food Science, Education, or a related field.  
2023 Indiana Sheriffs' Association Due 04-01-03 : Applicants must be pursuing an education and career in a law enforcement field at an Indiana college or university.   
2023 KAPCOE Technical Scholarship  Due 03-09-2023 : Two $1,000 scholarships or One $2,000 scholarship to a graduating senior who chooses vocational or technical career path and plans to attend an accredited vocational, technical, individual or proprietary institution, including Ivy Tech or Vincennes trade schools. 
Jonathan L. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Due 03-03-23 : $2,000 - renewable scholarship if student remains in good academic standing. Must have good attendance, display great effort, positively contribute to classes, have a wide range of interests, participate in IHSAA sports, and display competitiveness, dedication, and a willingness to persist.  
Shelter Insurance Foundation - Agents Scholarship Program Due 03-31-23 : $1,500. Can be applied to tuition, fees, books, and on-campus housing charges. 
Co-Alliance 2023 Scholarship  Due 03-01-23 : $1,000, Must have a parent or grandparent who is a member of Co-Alliance Cooperative and planning to enter the field of agriculture. No paper applications.  
Crane Credit Union Scholarship Due 03-01-23 : You must be a member of CCU and a primary account member as of 03-01-23. Multiple $1,200 scholarships. Minimum GPA 2.0.
Hendricks County Homemaker Scholarship Due by Noon 2-10-23 to the Hendricks County Extension Office in Danville - Pick up a paper application in the CHS Guidance Office. Two $1,000 scholarships available. Must be a Hendricks County resident, have a 3.0+ GPA, plan to attend a 2 or 4 year institution, and have two recommendations. The scholarship will be awarded to a recipient regardless of the field of study. However, preference will be given to students enrolled in health and human sciences, food science and education.
Purdue Alumni Club of Hendricks County Due 03-01-23 : The Purdue Alumni Club of Hendricks County is proud to announce an academic scholarship program for current and incoming Purdue students from Hendricks County.
2023 Nancy Jaynes Memorial Scholarship / Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust Due 2-10-23 : $2,500 awarded to an Indiana HS Senior whose parent is battling breast cancer or who has lost a parent to breast cancer. 
Purdue Extension Master Gardener Scholarship Application and Guidelines and Program Information Due 04-15-23 : The Hendricks County Master Gardener (HCMG) Scholarship is a scholarship for students pursuing an education in one of the following:
- University or Technical School in an Indiana Undergraduate or Graduate School.
- Continuing Adult Education.
- Preference will be given to students pursuing a Horticulture Degree, Certificate or
related Agriculture Field.

2-$2,000 Scholarships
Equitable Excellence Scholarship Due 12-16-22 : All seniors can and should apply for this scholarship! The scholarship is based on a student demonstrating courage, strength and wisdom in their lives and how they give back in their community. It is not based on a student’s grades or financial needs. 
Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship Due: 01-31-23: 

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is currently accepting applications for the Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship, which provides up to $30,000 in financial aid to aspiring teachers.

Top-performing high school and college students who are planning to teach in the State of Indiana for at least five years can receive up to $7,500 per year of college (up to $30,000 total) from the scholarship. Interested students are encouraged to act quickly as there are only 200 scholarships available.

Students should apply by Jan. 31, 2023, at

Edmondson Liberty Farms Cascade Cross Country Scholarship
Cross Country Scholarship Application

Cross Country Scholarship Cover Letter

ELIGIBILITY: The applicant must be a graduating senior who
was an athlete on the Cascade Cross Country team and will be
attending a college, university, vocational or technical school,
and/or will be enlisting in U.S. Armed Forces.
TERMS: The recipient(s) will be awarded a one time scholarship
of $300.

Heisman High School Scholarship Due: 10.18.22 - Applying for the Heisman High School Scholarship is your chance to be rewarded and gain local, state, and even national recognition for all that you’ve put into your high school career. If you’ve maintained at least a B average, participate in at least one of the school sponsored sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games or the National Federation of State High School Associations, are a leader in your community and role model at your school, then you’ve got what it takes.
Hendricks County Community Foundation Scholarship info
Due 09.14.22 - If you are a Hendricks County resident or student and have a 3.5 GPA or higher, you are eligible for the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship. 

This single application is also where the Class of 2023 can apply for the Amo, Barnes, Stilesville and Smitherman scholarships. These scholarships are for Cascade students only. So APPLY APPLY APPLY!
Daughters of the American Revolution Award/Scholarship

Do these traits describe you?
Dependability (truthfulness, honesty, punctuality, etc.)

Service (cooperation, helpfulness, responsibility, etc.)

Leadership (personality, self-control, initiative, etc.)

Patriotism (unselfish loyalty to American ideals)

As a Cascade senior you could represent us as the DAR Good Citizen Recipient. To submit your "pre-application" turn in a paragraph of no more than 800 words describing how these traits fit you, to Mrs. Bright by Friday, September 23 at 3pm.
The one student selected by the committee will continue on to represent Cascade High School in the scholarship competition.

NHS - National Honor Society Scholarship Due 11.30.22 - To be eligible, a student must be: A high school senior expecting to receive a high school diploma during the current academic year. An active member in good standing of a National Honor Society chapter, meeting all membership requirements and obligations of the local chapter. An NHS student account holder, verified by the NHS chapter adviser. Planning to pursue a degree at an accredited U.S. college or university.
Coca Cola Scholarship Due - 10.31.22 - GPA of 3.0+ required to apply. Over $20,000 available
Hagan Scholarship Apply to be a Hagan Scholar. Earn up to $6000 per semester. Visit for more details and information.

Free workshops, Free Schwab Brokerage Accounts, and Free Study Abroad provide recipients with a practical understanding of important life skills not typically covered in the school curriculum.

Hagan Scholarships awarded to date: 2,933
Colleges and Universities attend by Hagan Scholars: 429
Hagan Scholars currently enrolled in college: 1,122
Basic Eligibility Requirements:

Must attend an eligible public high school
Must have achieved a 3.5 GPA
Must enroll in an eligible college or university
Must maintain a 4 year or less graduation schedule
Applicant’s Adjusted Household Income reported for Federal Income Tax Purposes must not Exceed $85,000.